M’s Machine & Mfg. Co. is Featured on KCRG TV-9, “Made in Eastern Iowa” Segment

Made in Eastern Iowa

Monona, June 5, 2017-Candace Drahn and Casey Drahn co-owners of family business, M’s Machine & Mfg., were given the opportunity to show their business to Anchor, Chris Earl.  The morning Anchor for KCRG TV9 contacted the company to be featured in his “Made in Eastern Iowa” segment.

During the visit Candace and Casey were able to discuss a couple of topics currently challenging their business. Finding quality employees now and in the future and their recent struggles with the downturn in the Ag sector. As well as exciting advances in technology which has changed the way they do business.

Overcoming Challenges

Much like other manufacturers in Northeast Iowa, M’s Machine’s business is predominately Ag related. When the Ag sector takes a hit so does their business.  Candace tells Chris about recent goals to better diversify their customer base which has allowed the company to come out of the latest Ag downturn stronger than before.  It was not long before the company saw the shift of needing more business to needing more employees.

Finding quality employees in a small community with low unemployment is tough. Therefore, management at M’s Machine realizes the importance of educating people about manufacturing today and careers available within this sector.  They do this by holding an MFG Day event and by working with local high schools and area community colleges. The company allows interested students an opportunity to job shadow at their facility. All of which is designed to enlighten the community about manufacturing jobs today.

Jobs in manufacturing are not the same now as they were 20 years ago. Facilities are clean and full of ever-changing technology which continuously enhances the way company’s like M’s Machine does business.

If you missed the segment featuring M’s Machine, aired on June 5th, 2017 follow the link below to watch.